Welcome to the Yunogo Bishunkaku Onsen Ryokan,
Okayama, a Japanese-style hot spring hotel.

We offer a mixed-bathing, open-air spa
(which is becoming a rarity among hot spring hotels), and izakaya cooking,
as well as washoku made with carefully selected seasonal ingredients;kimonos;
and Japanese-style tatami rooms,
so that you can experience the traditional omotenashi (hospitality)
of a Japanese hot spring hotel.


Natural hot springs and mixed-bathing,open-air spa At our hotel, you can enjoy the hot springs in our mixed-bathing, open-air spa for men and women together or in the large bath and other open-air areas(separate areas for menand women).


Wrapped in an air of tranquility, the Japanese garden expresses the beauty of the passing seasons.Wearing a light, colorful yukata robe, you can take a leisurely stroll to relax and savor the natural beauty around you. Take a deep breath and experience a feeling of oneness with the greenery and with its scenery revel in the view of the mountains that lie beyond. Enjoythe garden’svarying colors as morning stretches into afternoon and then as twilight approaches.


The essence of Japanese cuisinelies inenjoying the tastes of the seasons.
Relax in your room and enjoy the finest “Washoku” cuisine with sashimi and tempura and a host of other delicious tastes.


These guest rooms are located in a separate annex building.All 15 rooms have their own open-air spas for private use.
Whatever room you choose,
you will enjoy a view of
verdant nature as you bathe


Inside the hotel, we have created an izakaya,
a place where Japanese people typically gettogether and socialize! Here you can enjoy Japanese soul food.


In your traditional Japanese room overlooking the garden, change into a relaxing yukata robe and rest in the futon bedding.


Colorful yukata robes are available for free use for
guests who make a reservation through our homepage.
Relish clicking your photographwhile wearing the yukata
of your choice.


桜の名所 津山城跡

You can enjoy a visual treat with the cherry blossomsatthe Tsuyama Castle ruins,which is a 30-minute drive away from the hotel. Tsuyama Castle, a symbol of Mimasaka, is famous for its cherry blossoms.


You can see a spectacular sea of clouds from the Oyama Observatory early in the morning.

ファーマーズマーケット ノースヴィレッジ

This is an agricultural theme park for everyone.

Okayama Korakuen

Okayama · Korakuen which the Daimyo of the Edo period built
Together with Kairakuen of Kanazawa and Kairakuen of Mito
As a garden with an excellent scenic spot
It is called a garden.


This is a sightseeing spot where fireflies dance in early summer. Go out for a stroll clothed in the traditional Japanese dress:yukata and geta (bathrobe and clogs).The firefly season is fromlate May to mid-June;the place takes only 5 minutes to reach from the hotel by bus, which departs at 8pm.


This houses the largest Jersey cattle ranch in Japan.


This is an expanse of 800 rice terraces spread over 40 hectares, which makes it one of the top 100 rice-terrace clusters in Japan.